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Empowering Voters and Defending Democracy for over 100 years.

Welcome!  The League of Women Voters of Greater Lafayette is a nonpartisan political organization encouraging informed and active participation in government. We influence public policy through education and advocacy. Please explore our pages and contact us with your questions.

Don't wait for a vaccine to vote!

Many voters are remaining at home during the pandemic due to underlying health concerns.  Waiting for a vaccine makes sense but what about voting in the November election?

Plan now to vote by absentee ballot.   You can request your absentee ballot NOW and should do so before a potential avalanche of requests forms this Fall.   Follow the quick links below or call the local board of elections office (765-423-9303).

Quick Links

Actions and news


Action Alerts

Six local groups have come together to form the Tippecanoe Voting Alliance (TVA), an alliance of non-partisan organizations in Tippecanoe County working together to GET OUT THE VOTE.

Action Alerts

In this time of COVID-19, LWV members advocate for safe voting. Hoosiers should not be asked to choose between exercising their right to vote and risking their health.  

Above the fold of our newsletter, with images of board members and masthead.

Check out all that is happening in your local League in our August newsletter.  Meet your new Board, learn about this month's Summer Meeting (with masks, and physically distanced!

Flowers in focus, picnic materials behind, "LWVGL Summer Meeting" in purple with mask icons and League Logo
Event Date: 
Aug 15 2020 - 11:00am
Event location: 

Happy Hollow Park, Shelter #4

Speaker: Barbara Kerkhoff – The Observer Corps

Image of the White River Alliance logo and text "Participate in Indiana's Water Future" and "Join other Water Investors" and "Indiana Water Summit" over image of whiteboard with post-it notes
Event Date: 
Aug 13 2020 - 8:30am to 5:00pm
Event location: 


The White River Alliance will be holding the third annual Water Summit
Wed., Aug. 12, 1:00 - 5:00 p.m. (regional planning forum)
Thursday, Aug. 13th, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (main summit)

P/UVote Campaign information, over the word "Vote" written in chalk on a chalkboard, where the "O" of "Vote" is a heart.

Purdue students can use their student IDs as valid voter identification.   However, only student IDs with visible expiration dates on the front are accepted.   Older student IDs won't get you anywhere.

If you need a need a new ID to vote, we'll pay the $5 fee.   Get your new ID, save the receipt then fill out our simple reimbursement form.   The cash will come back to you via PayPal.

Start my reimbursement, please!