Sacramento County

Sacramento County


The League of Women Voters of Sacramento County submitted a letter by email to the Sacramento  City Council expressing our opposition to the Strong-Mayor ballot proposal. We urged the City Council not to place the matter on your November ballot at a special meeting on August 4th. Our opposition to the Strong-Mayor form of city governance is based on a study the League completed in 2009.

There is still time to have your voice heard. If you have not already done so, you can send an email to your councilmember expressing your position.  Please see councilmember email addresses below. Another possibility is to check in on NextDoor, a site that lets you connect with people in your specific neighborhood. You could alert your neighbors to the Strong-Mayor proposal, share your thoughts and tell them how they can make their voices heard.
The League of Women Voters Sacramento is strongly opposed to this power grab based on our study of city governance. This is a major change to the structure of our City government that weakens the voice of neighborhoods and the people of Sacramento. That is why it has been rejected by voters so many times. 
With less than 70 days before ballots go out and in the midst of a pandemic, there has been no time for public vetting of this significant proposal to amend Sacramento’s city charter and change its governance structure dramatically.
Here are the addresses to reach Coucilmembers by email:
Jeff S Harris <jsharris [at]>, Rick Jennings <rjennings [at]>, Darrel Steinberg <dsteinberg [at]>, Eric Guerra <eguerra [at]>, Angelique Ashby <aashby [at]>, Jay Schenirer <jschenirer [at]>, Allen Warren <awarren [at]>, Steve Hansen <shansen [at]

Sacramento Climate Coalition supported...

 The Sacramento League voted to sign the Sacramento Climate Coalition's emergency climate declaration.  A climate declaration has been passed by the Sacramento City Council and a second climate declaration iis approved by the Sacramento Municipal Utilities District, Board of Directors.   Sacramento League representative Inga Olsen states: 

          • The scientific consensus indicates if the world does not achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, feedback loops in natural systems will be unleashed that humans cannot control and the consequences will be cataclysmic. Fast action is critical and that is why the League of Women Voters of Sacramento County is a member of the Sacramento Climate Coalition. 
          • The League applauds and supports the Directors of the Sacramento Municipal Utility District’s Emergency Climate Declaration. This declaration is critical because it specifies the 2030 date to achieve carbon neutrality, and it places equal importance on addressing equity issues. Justice is empty without a livable world and an unjust world is not a livable world. 
          • We urge you pass a strong climate declaration in this evening’s meeting so, your action says Sacramento can do its part to make climate justice happen before it's too late.      July 2020

November Ballot for California

Secretary of State releases California ballot propositions for November 2020

Sacramento League joins with Black Women for Political Action

The League of Women Voters of the United States and of California have issued statements in alliance with the Black community and civil rights movement as our moral imperative and fundamentally tied to our mission of empowering voters and defending democracy.  We the LWVSC and BWOPA-Sacramento ask that our elected officials immediately commence the following actions to prevent further such violence against the Black community:  Prohibit Carotid Restraint Control Hold and Law Enforcement Accountability. (See complete PRESS RELEASE here.) 

See the Sacramento County League efforts to engage with local police officers regarding use of force, public safety accountability, and community education.

The 2020 Census - help the count for California!

It has never been easier to respond to the census at

We All Count: An Important Message

You may have heard about a policy memo issued by the White House last week that would remove undocumented individuals from the 2020 Census formula used to calculate the number of congressional seats each state is given. The memo is designed to suppress 2020 Census participation. It is unconstitutional and is already being challenged in the courts by many states, including California, and in Congress.

The US Census Bureau and our partners will continue working hard to get a complete and accurate 2020 Census. Our message remains the same: Everyone counts! Everyone must AND shall be counted, just as the Constitution says.

Please help our effort by reminding your friends to complete the Census, and that it's safe, confidential, and all information is protected by law. It’s fast and easy to complete online at, by phone, or through the mail.


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